Colleen McKee writes like a sexy Kafka: life's epically observed minutiae rendered both tragic and hilarious.

--Alan Kaufman, author of Drunken Angel

Through her writing Colleen McKee reveals that she has lived through much and knows how to tell about it. Her pieces are populated with lovers, strangers and everything in between, and each encounter has a truth to it that will keep you reading. Like any good book, this one is filled with both darkness and laughter, and the feeling that, while death is never far away, it's the living that matters.

--William Taylor, Jr., author of Broken When We Got Here  

Colleen McKee's new book is going on my shelf of keepers. It's an amazing work: poignant, erotic, penetrating, delicate, scary, hilarious...In the middle of laughing out loud I feel tears coming up and wonder how she's pulling this off. Make no mistake: Nine Kinds of Wrong is ten kinds of right, and more. 

--Tamim Ansary, author of The Widow's Husband 

I just wanted to say, you wrote an awesome poem about ketchup.   Thank you!

--some cute girl who stopped Colleen on Market St., San Francisco (Interviews with Sarah Shotland and Colleen McKee)

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